Hello dear reader, my name is Dario, and I'm a Software Engineer that likes to tinker with electronics, machine learning and a bit of robotics.

My short story

Before I was born my father founded during the late 70s along with his brother, a factory that produced call blockers among other things. The call blockers were very popular devices due to the need to block certain incoming calls in analog phones in those days. The factory would produce other devices as well, however those were the most popular ones and the reason why the factory could sustain itself for so many years to come.

From a (very) young age, I would visit my father's lab on a frequent basis, and would do things from playing with magnetic powder, help with soldering and mounting PCBs, to see how electroplating works. At that age, I wouldn't understand the majority of the things I was looking at, but that was the beginning to spark my interest in electronics and then further along the way, in software.

I work now, and since quite a few years, as a Software Engineer, both contract and freelancing.

And this is my blog. A place where I share notes, ideas, projects and opinions about stuff that I find interesting (and that I hope you do as well).

How to contact me

You can find me on LinkedIn or Github.